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完形填空 共 1 题
  1. alonzo johnson stopped. he decided to help a(n) _________ elderly man down an escalator (自动扶梯) in a massachusetts shopping mall last week, _______ the 23-year-old could never have predicted that his simple, random act of kindness would win him the _______ of thousands of people on line.

    an old man _______ at the top of an escalator and a few people started gathering _______ to get on. it was clear he was feeling _______ as to whether to step on to the escalator or not. johnson spotted the senior citizen hesitating and _______ the simplest kindness. he reached out a(n) _________ and asked with a smile on his face, “can i help you, sir?”

    the old man quietly started to _______ to the young man that he had gotten stuck on an escalator once and was a little __________. the young man gently offered his assurance, they __________ each other eye to eye for just a moment and the old man ________ his arm. everyone else remained ________ and waited.

    paula picard and a friend were standing nearby and ________ to take a touching photo of the pair linking arms as they ________ the escalator together. she posted the ________ on facebook and it spread __________ with more than 420,000 likes and 25,000 comments in just a few hours.

    johnson said he never ________ his action would reach so many people.

    “he looked very afraid and i thought maybe i could __________.” johnson said, “my mom always tells us to be nice and do the ________ thing. it’s really the way i was brought up and how i was raised.”

    1.a.busy b.frightened c.injured d.blind

    2.a.so b.if c.but d.because

    3.a.praise b.blame c.happiness d.anger

    4.a.stopped b.worked c.read d.fell

    5.a.running b.pushing c.shouting d.waiting

    6.a.hopeful b.convenient c.unsure d.uncomfortable

    7.a.offered b.sold c.wanted d.took

    8.a.eye b.arm c.rope d.stick

    9.a.promise b.prove c.apologize d.explain

    10.a.excited b.surprised c.scared d.disappointed

    11.a.argued with b.listened to c.looked at d.ran into

    12.a.accepted b.shook c.refused d.left

    13.a.anxious b.patient c.interested d.worried

    14.a.manage b.avoided c.asked d.failed

    15.a.talked about b.ran towards c.went down d.searched for

    16.a.message b.comment c.example d.photo

    17.a.differently b.quickly c.strangely d.completely

    18.a.meant b.admitted c.understood d.expected

    19.a.help b.follow c.see d.smile

    20.a.easy b.famous c.right d.perfect

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阅读选择 共 4 题
  1. most scientists are now certain that global warming is taking place. gases such as carbon dioxide are creating a warm blanket around the earth. this blanket is trapping heat in the atmosphere, and so raising the temperature of the earth.

    in europe, eight of the last ten years have seen record high temperatures. on the other hand, the countries around the mediterranean sea are receiving even less rain than before. in sub- saharan africa the crops are drying out in the fields and people are dying of starvation. in 1999, the southern united states was struck by a serious of destructive(毁灭性的) hurricanes. scientists expect such trends to continue, and to worsen, if global warming cannot be stopped.

    in addition to worrying about rising global temperatures and extreme weather conditions, scientists are closely monitoring sea levels around the world. they are slowly rising, as the northern and southern polar ice caps start to melt. this will have serious consequences for low-lying countries near the sea. already parts of these places are disappearing under the rising sea water.

    according to a new research, one contradictory feature(特征) of global warming is that it will probably lead to a period of much colder weather. scientists base their theory on what happened the last time the world warmed up, 8,300 years ago. they have discovered that when the ice melted from the northern polar ice cap it became trapped in a lake in northern canada. as more ice melted, this lake suddenly burst open, pouring millions of tons of freezing fresh water into the north atlantic. this flood of water prevented the normal flow of water in the atlantic, which takes warm water from the tropics(热带地区) north to europe. when this flow of warm water was cut off, temperatures in europe dropped by between three and eight degrees over the next 200 years. ''that's the concern here,'' says richard alley, an american climate expert. ''the climate hasn't varied much in 8, 000 years. but big changes could come back!''

    1.what is the overall effect of global warming on europe?

    a.a warmer climate. b.a decline in rainfall.

    c.an increase of hurricanes. d.a decrease of crop production.

    2.what is paragraph 3 mainly about?

    a.the rising sea level. b.the melting of icebergs.

    c.the increase in disasters. d.the cause of global warming.

    3.how does the author describe the climate change in europe 8 ,300 years ago?

    a.by offering statistics. b.by giving an example.

    c.by making comparisons. d.by analyzing the process.

    4.what can we infer from richard alley' s words?

    a.global climate change will bring more disasters.

    b.global warming will likely produce a colder climate.

    c.global warming will continue for the next two centuries.

    d.global climate will remain unchangeable in the next 8,000 years.

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  2. hannah mckeand was born in bristol in 1973. she got a degree in classics at lampeter university. after working as a marketing manager, she decided at the age of 31 to devote herself entirely to her primary passions (热情), exploring, adventure and the outdoors. she would take part in various expeditions (探险), in the egyptian desert first, then in the remote valleys of northeast of afghanistan, and then in antarctica.

    in 2001 her urge to explore began to develop with a trip to the western desert on the borders of egypt, libya and sudan in search of prehistoric rock art. this trip took hannah to the center of the second biggest wilderness on the planet, an uninhabited (无人居住的) area the size of india.

    in 2004 hannah joined a british expedition to explore the wakhan corridor in the northeast of afghanistan in search of the source of the river oxus. the upper (上部的) areas of this mountain valley had rarely been visited by westerners.

    later that year hannah turned to a cold desert in a 56-day expedition from the coast of antarctica to the south pole. crossing one of the harshest (最严酷的) environments in the world, the team of five battled with physical and mental exhaustion, injury, hunger and some of the lowest temperatures on earth.

    in 2006 hannah returned to antarctica and once again skied from hercules inlet to the south pole, but this time alone and unsupported. she set a new world record for the journey of 39 days 9 hours and 33 minutes.

    in october 2007 hannah began her first full adventure season traveling from australia across to chile and from there around cape horn and down to antarctica.

    hannah hopes that by writing and speaking about her experiences in the world and sharing them with those who care to read or listen, she will inspire people to go after their own dreams and achieve their own goals.

    1.what did hannah decide to do at 31?

    a.work on classics b.apply for a job.

    c.return to college. d.go exploring.

    2.why did hannah go to the wakhan corridor?

    a.to guide westerners.

    b.to find the source of the river

    c.oxusto study prehistoric rock art.

    d.to explore the world’s second biggest wilderness.

    3.what do we know about hannah’s expedition from antarctica to the south pole in 2004?

    a.it was smooth. b.it was completed alone.

    c.she achieved a world record during the expedition. d.she stood up to the test of extreme environments.

    4.what’s the best title of the text?

    a.a polar expedition b.a life in antarctica

    c.a female adventurer d.a life of hardship

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  3. when traveling abroad, it is wise to carry your money in traveler's checks because checks are protected against loss or theft. if your checks are lost or stolen, the issuing authority will refund(赔偿) your money.

    not only are they safe, they are also convenient. they are available in different currencies and they can be cashed at most banks throughout the world. most shops, hotels and restaurants also accept them.

    traveler's checks are very easy to use. when you collect them, you sign each check once. the cashier enters the amount in your passport. when you cash, you sign each check again. the cashier will usually ask to see your passport again too.

    to get traveler's checks you usually go to your bank. they can be paid in cash or in other ways. large amounts, however, must be ordered in advance.

    for the safety and convenience of traveler's checks, you are charged two commissions(佣金,酬劳): an insurance commission when you buy them and an encashment commission when you cash them.

    it is suitable to make a note of the serial numbers of your checks. keep this separate from your traveler's checks.(词数191)

    1.people like to carry their money in traveler’s checks when traveling abroad, because______

    a.they cannot be lost or stolen b.they can be used anywhere

    c.they are safe and handy d.they can save travelers plenty of money

    2.if your traveler's checks are lost or stolen, who will refund you?

    a.the authority that issues you the passport. b.the insurance company.

    c.the bank where you buy your checks. d.the travel agency that arranges your travel.

    3.you sign your traveler’s check for the second time in order to ________.

    a.get your passport b.cash it

    c.claim insurance d.pay for commission

    4.which of the following statement is true?

    a.you need not pay a commission for the safety of your traveler’s checks.

    b.people usually get traveler’s checks from foreign banks.

    c.traveler’s checks can be exchanged for the money of the country you visit.

    d.you cannot get your passport until you get your traveler’s checks.

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  4. some people think that as more and more people have televisions in their homes, fewer and fewer people will buy books and newspapers. why read an article in the newspaper, when the tv news can bring you the information in a few minutes and with pictures? why read the life story of a famous man, when a short television program can tell you all that you want to know?

    television has not killed reading, however. today, newspapers sell in very large numbers. and books of every kind are sold more than ever before. books are still a cheap way to get information and enjoyment. although some books with hard covers are expensive, many books are printed today as paperbacks (平装本), which are quite cheap. a paperback collection of short stories, for example, is always cheaper than an evening at the cinema or the theater, and you can keep a book for ever and read it many times.

    books are a wonderful provider of knowledge and pleasure and some types of books should be in every home. every home should have a good dictionary. a good encyclopedia (百科全书), though expensive, is useful, too, because you can find information on any subject. besides, you can have such books as history books., science textbook, cookbooks, and collections of stories and poems. then from time to time you can take a book of poems off your shelves and read the thoughts and feelings of your favorite poets.

    1.it can be inferred from the passage that ________.

    a.tv programs are a chief provider of knowledge

    b.cinemas are the best choice in getting information

    c.reading is a cheap way of learning and having fun

    d.newspapers are an expensive way to enjoy oneself

    2.what does the sentences “television has not killed reading, however ” underlined in the second paragraph suggest?

    a.people only need reading, though. b.reading is still necessary today.

    c.reading is more fun than television. d.watching television doesn’t help reading.

    3.what can we learn from the passage?

    a.fewer and fewer people will buy books.

    b.a good dictionary should be kept in every home.

    c.books with hard covers sell better than paperbooks.

    d.more people like tv programs about famous men.

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七选五 共 1 题
  1. i finished training as a nurse in auckland and i was expecting to get a job in a small hospital somewhere. but then a friend told me about volunteer now. i’d always wanted to go to an african country and use my nursing skills to help people. and here was a chance to do that, so i decided to apply.  1. i got one hospital to sponsor me and then i borrowed some money from the bank.

    so i went to madagascar and joined a team of people working with a local supervisor (主管人). 2.

    by going round villages, we taught basic ways to improve hygiene (卫生) and to avoid catching diseases. for example, we gave instruction about how to avoid catching malaria (疟疾) and distributed mosquito nets to some of the homes. i think we did some good. i hope so anyway.

    3. i was suddenly in a completely different culture, teaching people who had such a different lifestyle from my own. it made a big difference to the way i see the world. and i also made some very good friends out there, both local people and the other volunteers.  4.

    after i came back, i got accepted straight away for a job at the university hospital. 5.i’m sure i wouldn’t have managed to do that if i hadn’t worked in madagascar and got this practical experience.

    a.we set up a program there.

    b.i also got a lot from this program.

    c.it is one of the best hospitals in auckland.

    d.so i’d recommend volunteer now to anyone.

    e.i failed to take the opportunity though i could.

    f.i had to raise $500 before i went, but that was quite easy.

    g.we had such good times together and we’ve kept in touch since then.

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短文改错 共 1 题
  1. 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。




    注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

    2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

    when asking about my mother, i often reply that she is perhaps the only one can understand my feelings without any exchange of words. to my view, there’s nothing strong than her love for me. she knows how to make me smile and at the same time knows how to make me behave me. most important, she always does what she can to help me particularly when i am in the trouble. on a sad day i will always become happier» just by see her loving eyes and encouraged smile. my mother was» is and will always be my first and best friends forever.

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提纲类作文 共 1 题
  1. 假设你是李华,是我校一名高二学生。 最近你收到来自友好学校的tom的邀请,请你下周去他们学校参加文化交流活动并介绍中国的传统绘画。但是你和其他高二学生一样在忙于准备期末考试,不得不谢绝他的邀请。请根据下面的要点给tom写一封回信。要点:








    dear tom,

    thank you very much for your invitation.


    yours sicerely,


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